06 May 2013

The Climb - Season 3, Episode 6

Welcome back all! Last week's episode was phenomenal, I think we can all agree. I absolutely loved their handling of Jon and Ygritte, and even limited by time as we are on the show, I truly felt for Rose Leslie when she wanted to stay in that cave. And oh, Jonny boy, you should have. Tonight, our episode is called "The Climb", so its safe to assume that Tormund will finally be leading his troops over the wall. This is an epic moment in the books, and I look forward to seeing it on screen. So lets begin shall we?
Our flashback begins with Bran and Jojen, then flash to Tormund and company. Now we've got Melisandre leaving Stannis, Tywin's marriage plans, and Jaime and Brienne arriving in Harrenhall. A little creepy shot of Reek, Rickard Karstark loses his head, Robb plans to return to Walder Frey. A moment of silence for Lord Commander Mormont, who is no longer with us, and a shorter one for Lord Berric, who's not nearly as dead as the Hound thinks he is. Cue the credits, and lets get this show on the road!

First up, we check in with Sam and Gilly. Oh man, this could be good. Sam clearly has no idea what he's doing. He should have read about fires in a book. Of course he's highborn. Peasants don't get so fat. Ah, there's the dagger. I love the look of obsidian. Jon's dagger is described as being sharper than steel but brittle. Sams assumedly the same. If what I expect to happen soon is going to happen, we need a few more Black Brother's to arrive. A religious hymn for the 7 seems a little out of place here. Creepy forest shots, and I keep expecting to see something moving, which, of course, is why we're not. 

South of the wall, we've got Meera and Osha, arguing over how to skin a rabbit. Osha could be an excellent role model for Meera here, since we're going to see more of her. Which I'm ok with. Pissing contest happening now. Bran is not happy. Not sure what he's making there in his lap. Hodor's here, Jojen's out cold, I don't see Rickon or the wolves. Jojen seems to be having a seizure here. He was said to be sickly, this is an interesting way of showing it. Similiar to how I expect we'll see young Robert Arryn later, which might confuse some viewers, since that useless little shit is not a greenseer. How does Jojen know who Jon Snow is or what he looks like? 

Speaking of Jon Snow, we're back north of the wall now. Good commentary from Tormund on how bad the Night's Watch has become at clearing the forest away from the wall. Jon and Ygritte both look nervous as hell. Maybe they should bang again. You know, for courage. Now that's love. There are few better moments in their relationship than when she imitates him. This is an excellent add on. Terrible foreshadowing, but an excellent, tender moment. 

Arya gets in a bit of archery practice, reciting her prayer as she takes shots as straw targets. Anguy offering advice and criticism, Thoros drinking. Explains why he and Robert Baratheon got along so well. The Brotherhood has company. Melisandre? Yup. Knew this was coming, as much as I didnt want it. They use the Braavosi saying as a greeting? WTF? Interesting. Mel exposing that Thoros was on a mission to convert Robert Baratheon. Boy oh boy did they not know Bobby B well. Mel not too pleased with Thoros here. Little bit of a "who loves R'hllor more" contest going on. And he takes her to see Berric. Mel seems to know about the resurrection bit, but is shocked Thoros can pull it off. Thoros, of course gives all credit to the Red God. Thoros speaking the words of GRRM right there. The Gods are just stories. Of course, now Thoros is born again R'hllorian. Berric what the fuck! There is no way that the Berric Dondarrion of the books would let her take Genndry. This is season 2 fuck up level. Let Genndry free. Whoa....Mel just predicted Arya's future with the Faceless men...and "we will meet again?" Cue up the "Arya kills Mel" prophecies. Well, now I'm pissed. Very, very pissed. I just lost alot of arguements on Reddit. This tv show has completely lost who Berric Dondarrion is supposed to be. He would never turn a boy over, especially if he was told that boy was the blood of Robert Baratheon, in his mind the one true King, the King he serves, so that he could be sacrificed for R'hllor's magic. No, no, no, no, no. 

Back on the wall, the Free Folk begin their climb. Jon has got to appreciate that elevator back at Castle Black a hell of alot more now, eh?  Yes, yes we were Ygritte. And Jon takes a chunk of ice to the face. Might have been intentional. 

Oh man, this guy is a dick. I wish they would just tell the tv viewers who he is. This game would still be just as much fun. This added bit is going to be one of my favorites I think. Where did they find this pyschopath? Ooooh, great line. "If you think this has a happy ending, you havent' been paying attention." Poor Theon, that could be the title of his biography. Obviously not an autobiography, because by the time Ramsay is done here, Theon won't be writing anything ever again. Theon's going to guess every castle in the North except the Dreadfort. This guy is 100% not a Karstark. Theon Greyjoy is about to join the Warren Mear's skin-care club. 

Robb is nowing meeting with the Freys. Very distinctive look for them. Lord Frey looking to become the third simultaenous holder of Harrenhal, along with Roose Bolton and Petyr Baelish. And there's the shoe-drop. Edmure's got to marry a Frey. Man, Edmure is a dick. Brynden is going to have to slap him down. Oh man do I love the Blackfish. Robb is slightly hypocritical here, considering how they changed his story in the show. Not his fault, just poor writing. Edmure agrees, and destiny is set. 

Brienne in a dress. Friggin weird. Jaime having some serious issues with cutting meat. Roose is a creepy bastard. There is an interesting parrellell between Roose Bolton and Tywin Lannister on this show. Bolton very concerned with Tywin not knowing who cut his hand off. Why might that be? Wants to be in Lannister good graces eh? Suspicious! Another gem of a line from Jaime. Roose doesn't drink, Jaime counters with "Do you understand how suspicious that is to ordinary people?" But of course, he's not going to let Brienne go. She's charged with treason, much like her master Catelyn Stark. Oh C'MON! Hand. You should have said HAND. 

And we cut from Roose to Tywin. Like I said, interesting parrellell. Lady Olenna haggling over the weddings.   The queen of thorns of course doesn't want Cersei anywhere near Loras. And, whoa, Lady Olenna completely outs her grandson. "A Sword Swallower through and through". Highgarden is the socially liberal of the seven nations. And Olenna slaps Tywin down with the counter rumor about Cersei. Its just as true, but Tywin denies it. And Tywin drops the Kingsguard threat. He moves to take away Mace's heir, same way Mad Aerys took away his. And Olenna wants no part of it. Good on her. 

Back to the wall. The climb is getting harder, wind's picking up, and as they say in the books, but not yet here, the Wall defends itself. There are old spells woven into that ice. Old magics. And oh damn, there goes a big old chunk of wall. It has been unseasonably warm lately. Or, less cold anyhow. Gods damn Orell is a dick. I can't wait until he gets a heaping helping of Longclaw in his belly.

Akward conversation time for Sansa and Loras now. I think Loras just described his perfect wedding gown. Its interesting to note here, what I should have in the last scene, that the show is completely ignoring the fact that Loras has brothers. Two of them, in fact, both older, and ahead of him for Highgarden. Many I'd talked to had suggested they'd be mentioned only when needed, much as Shireen had been for King Stannis, but it seems apparent that Loras is the only Tyrell son. Interesting change, and proof that Willas and Garland are not going to matter moving forward. Back in to the scene, we see that Cersei and Tyrion are spying in. Great line from Tyrion, "Its hard to say which of the four of us is getting the worst of this arrangement." Rare moment of the Lannister children agreeing here. Tyrion with an excellent point. He's given no credit whatsoever for saving the city. Ooh, showdown time. Did Cersei order Tyrion killed? Interesting, it's implied that it was Joff? That was never truly stated outright in the books, and I always believed it was Cersei. "Sword through bowels" sounds like a horrible disease, and probably wide-spread enough around Westeros to have reached epidemic status. I wonder if the Citadel has a Maester-run version of the CDC. But I digress. Oh man, are they going to have Tyrion tell her himself? Sansa, trust me, thats hardly the worst thing Shae's said to Tyrion. They're playing up the jealousy angle a bit. Uh oh, that line set off my spider-sense big time. Danger Sansa Stark, Danger! "I trust her, even though she tells me not to." Sansa, do you know how your father got caught? He trusted Littlefinger, who explicitly TOLD HIM NOT TO! So, if Shae is telling you that, you should listen. And listen well. Gonna be some very interesting reactions from both of the ladies in the room here. Tyrion is completely out of his depth here, a rare occurence. 

Now we've got Littlefinger and Varys in the throne room. Boy could this get interesting. Obviously, these two work hard behind the scenes to thwart and outmaneuver each other. But as good as Littlefinger is, he's way out of his depth against the Spider. Or in the books he is.....he's making some very overt threats against Ros here. This might be a happy movement for alot of readers. Littlefinger showing a very dark side here. "The good of the realm" There's the key for Lord Varys. His entire motivation in five words. Oh boy that is some sinister music behind Petyr here. "Chaos is a ladder" I'm not so sure about that. Joffrey killed Ros?!?! What the fuck!!!!!! Littlefinger is pissed. Sansa realizing now she lost her chance to escape. Wow...that was some major, major darkness from Petyr Baelish. 

Meanwhile, the actual climb comes to its close. Jon Snow is once again atop the wall. And what a view it is. Beautiful scene. No dialogue needed, just a kiss at the top of the world, and what a way to end it. 

So, lets react here. Very focused episode, only a few plots, and all but one very well done. I'm still pissed about the Genndry story. That, to me, destroys what Berric Dondarrion stands for. He is essentially the Westerosi Robin Hood, and he would NOT give up an innocent boy for sacrifice. I stand by that. But lets focus on the good. I enjoyed the scenes in King's Landing. They did an excellent job of portraying the machinations and behind the scenes power struggles, and I love that Lady Olenna stands up to Tywin, because there arent' many who would. The back and forth of Tyrion and Cersei was also wonderfully done. The two of them truly dont know how to act when they're not at cross purposes. Roose continues to be the Tywin of the North, and I cannot wait for next episode, and the furthering of the badassery of Jaime Lannister. Edmure's agreed to the wedding, and that sets us up for the inevitable in Episode 9. Arya's sown the seeds she needs to get away from the Brotherhood, setting up her bad buddy cop journey with the Hound. We didn't see Dany this episode, but that obviously will be different next week. 

Episode 7 is entitled "The Bear and the Maiden Faire." We've heard this song sung twice now this season, and it's about to become more important. Aside from the obvious in Harrenhal, I suspect that this will also involve Dany and Jorah Mormont, and a certain issue about his past allegiances. After all, she is the most fair maiden and he is the bear now. I hope we also see Sam and his heroic destiny, but I'm not so sure about that. There's time in Episode 8, alongside the first of two weddings we'll see this season. Tyrion and Sansa must be married before Edmure and Roslyn, so that Robb can change his will, making sure Tyrion doesn't get his tiny hands on Winterfell. 

And thats a wrap on this episode. Don't forget to pray to your local heart tree. The Weirwoods are watching. Till next week. 
- The Islander

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