15 April 2013

Walk of Punishment - S03E03

And we're back. Once more for another week. Sorry its late, I was away from the computer for the weekend. It felt nice. Sadly, this meant I didnt have HBO, so I had to spend all of monday avoiding the internets for spoilers. I really didnt know what to do on my lunch break today since I had to avoid /r/ASOIAF and /r/Gameofthrones. But I digress.

Episode 3: Walk of Punishment. We left several key characters in new situations last week. Rob on his way to Riverrun for his grandfather's funeral, Bran in the hands of Little Grandfather, and Jamie and Brienne at the mercy of Bolton's men. I enjoyed episode 2, so lets hope for more of the same here.

Lets see, previously on we're reminded of Karstark's unhappiness, Dany's visit to the unsullied, Arya meeting Thoros, Theon getting his false hope, Barristan the Bold finding Dany, Orell's scouting, Mormont and the boys on the march, Clegane blowin Arya's cover, and of course, the fight. So that probably fits in scope with what we're expecting here. Should be a big moment for the Kingthlayer in this one, that should shock the shit out of TV only viewers, but in the grand scheme of things for readers, is kinda meh. TV viewers have never truly seen the awesomeness that is Jaime Lannister playing at swords. George RR Martin has said he would beat Aragorn, Son of Arathorn in a fight. I doubt this. However, its fairly certain there are fewer swordsmen in the realm of Westeros capable of besting Ser Jaime than 5. Which is also about how many..anywho. They're going to have to speed up the pace these things are built in the credits, because eventually they'llhave too many cities. Nice touch incluidng Riverrun today anyway. Title credits done, lets begin!

We open with the funeral. Rest in Peace Lord Hoster Tully. We quite literally hardly knew you. Ah, this must be the Blackfish. The Tullys really got shafted out of so much excellent story in the show. Nearly all of the action of Robb's camp in seasons 1 & 2 should have been taking place at Riverun. Jaime's cell was there, Robb was proclaimed King in the North there, he introduced his mother to his bride there, etc. And Blackfish was with Lady Catelyn since the incident in the Vale of Arryn, where he served as guard to Lady Lysa. Edmure should have had time to develop into a cocky shit, but oh well. They're not entirely essential, so I can forgive not adding them in. They're really emphasizing the House banners this season. I like it. That Tully banner is gorgeous. And here's Edmure. Robb doing a bad job of hiding his disgust on that shot. Second tmes even worse. This is bad luck for the Tullys. Its like Failing to break the champagne bottle on a ship's christening. Gotta love the Blackfish with the attitude there. WRONG Edmure! If you hadn't fucked up, Tywin would not have been in position to help at King's Landing. And Stannis would own the city. But that's not going to be emphasized here. Robb doing a great job being King over his Uncle here. Has to be a bit of an akward family dynamic. Robb is afterall, only about 16 in the books here.

And with that seque we cut to The Lion himself, Tywin of the Rock.Hositng what I'll assume is his small council. Varys, Check. Littlefinger, check. Tyrion, check. Pycelle, check. Fairly certain Littlefinger should be gone by now so Tyrion can become master of coin. And Cersei....awkward. Love them making her get her own chair. And Pycelle shoots daggers at Tyrion. This is the best silence I've ever heard on tv. Petyr getting his bride! Well done Tywin. And Tyrion gets his job. Pycelle is great there.

And now we're off to The Brotherhood without Banners, and they're singing...THE BEAR AND THE MAIDEN FAIR!!!!! Whoa, wait...these are Bolton's men singing. Weird in book context, but amazing foreshadowing for the show. Brienne lays the verbal beating on Jaime. He's showing her some actual compassion here. The change has begun. He really does a phenomenal heel-face turn over the next few chapters.

And now really at the Brotherhood. Gendry does a bit of work for Thoros. The Hound taunts Anguy. Arya going for the memories of Mycah, but the Hound has nothing of it. Hot Pie is being, well, Hot Pie. Farewell fat friend. Love the wolf bread. Maise Willaims turned 16 today by the way. Arya's not even 16 in the books. Very deep farewell from Gendry there. And we're down by 1.

Beautiful scenery shot from Riverrun there. Oh, Brynden wasn't there? Where was he? Not at the Moon Gate, thats for sure. Well, in the books you were Catelyn. For the tv only viewers, Blackfish was a name Brynden Tully adopted because he was the Black sheep so to speak of the family, but as the Tully sigil is a Trout, it worked. He created his own adaptation of the house banner. Cat dealing with her sons deaths a little late. Except, oh wait, she doesn't know their actually dead. Only missing. Uncle Brynden is such an important part of Catelyn's development, I'm amazed he didn't come sooner.

Talisa healing up some younger Lannisters here. She's playing up the wolf bit for some fun. This scene will do alot for the Lannister Honeypot theorists on reddit.

Mance has arrived on the Fist of the First men. Now we see the result of the battle we didnt' see. Always the artists? Whoa....The White Walkers made a horse-spiral. I don't remember that. He's sending Tormund over the wall. We saw that coming. Sad that we'll pretty much be done with Mance for the season now.

And here's whats left of the Nights Watch, limping back to Craster's Keep. Ghost still inexplicably following Sam. I know he doesnt cross the Wall with Jon, but he should be with him still. Craster recognizes how badly beaten the Crows are here. He's got the option to put them out. He'll regret that decision. We'll assume thats Gilly up there giving birth. Sam's interest piqued. Great back and forth with Craster and Mormont. Craster acknowledging that he's worshipping the Others as his gods essentially there. Oh Sam. Don't be a dumbass. Congratulations my dear. Its a boy. And we all know what that means. Though I'm not sure that what's in store for the boy is any worse than being raised only to be bedded by Craster.

Theon still stuck on the rack. Lets see if his "friend" can get him out. Yikes that foot looks bad. But at least its not flayed yet.

Now we're on Dragonstone and Melisandre is leaving Stannis? Why is she leaving? Stannis getting a little handsy and creepy here with Mel. Whoa. Not at all the way Stannis the Mannis is in the books. She calls him the son of fire. Why not just say Azor Azai? So looks like the speculation was right. She's going for Gendry.

Now we've got Dany and her Knights. They really seem to name episode titles after her small part. Good back and forth between Selmy and Jorah here. They're building up to their little split. Jorah makes an excellent point about the Unsullied there. But Barristan with an excellent counter. YES! Jorah's best line of the entire series. And Rhaegar died.
Dany negotiating here. At what point will they reveal her ruse? I think from her facial expressions here she already knows. Missandei is excellent here. The shoe drops here. She's going to give up a dragon. And finally Jorah and Barristan agree on something. Special effects missed a bit there. Jorah sighs and you can see how cold it is from his breath..except they're supposed to be in a hot, arid city. Good play for Missandei there. And now Dany is fixing her plot perfectly. Missandei is such a great character going forward.

Littlefinger's been keeping the city's books in his brothel. A strange place. Pod falling victim to Ros' charms. I wonder what they're going to show of Littlefinger in the coming times. He disappears for a bit in the books, working off the pages, behind the scenes, etc. Bronn perfectly phrases what Littlefinger's greatest secret could be. Wow..what a reward for Pod here. The Iron Bank gets a mention here. Which is good becaue Braavos has been largely unmentioned and its going to be important later. Especially that funding my enemies bit. Wait...did Pod not do it? Or did the whores really not take his money. This is wonderful. "Were going to need details. Copious details."

Now we've got a rider alone in the north. Seems to be one Theon Greyjoy. And now the Bolton's are in pursuit. Poor Reek. I still don't feel bad for Theon. Not after what he did in Winterfell. What a knockdown! He's gonna feel that. And many other injuries. Boy did I not need to see that side of Alfie Allen. Oh what the shit. Did Ramsay just kill three of his own men to fuck with Theon? Well, you little bastard certainly sells it for me.

Cut to Jaime and Brienne. Here comes the rape attempt. Will Jaime mention the sapphires? Seem's hes going to play the hero here. I like it. Jaime finally shows compassion for someone that isnt' Cersei. An excellent change. Might be pushing his luck with this speech here. You know, Locke has a bit of a lisp. Will he say thappireth? Jaime doesn't see the trap coming here. Not even a little. Fool. HOLY SHIT! I did not think they'd show that. Epic.

And now we're getting some kind of rock version of the Bear. Fuck that. I'd rather have the version the men were singing earlier. I like this as a song alone, but not to be played in the credits here. Had we gotten that as a bonus thing, or some band in a bar played it, I'd love it. But they should have done a faithful version.

Next time: Dracarys. That is the one word you need to know. YES!! More Lady Olenna. Also, we'll have a sad parting with one of my favorite characters next week, for now his watch has ended. Might even get to see Sam the Slayer. And of course, not-ramsay will continue his mind-fuck games with Theon.

All said and done, I enjoyed this episode very much. Long overdue to see the Tully's in detail. Edmure's brashness, Blackfish's awesomeness. Sir Jaime has lost his sword-hand, Brienne is un-raped, and King's Landing is progressing into turmoil. Its gonna be fun. Till next time, may R'hllor shine his light upon you.

- The Penguin

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