08 April 2013

R+L=J, leads us to J+D

The list of fan theories surrounding George R.R. Martin's epic "A Song of Ice and Fire" series are far too numerous to be listed in any one spot. Unless that spot is an oddly specific subreddit, of course. But as we led to to season 3 of the HBO tv adaptation, Entertainment Weekly did a photo shoot to accompany their article on the upcoming season. Their subjects for this were Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke, who portray Jon Snow and Danerys Stormborn, arguably the two most popular tv characters, and two of my favorite book characters. (Oddly enough, the stupid changes in season 2 made them my least favorite tv characters, but thats a rant for another time). The photo shoot seems to play along with one of the most prevelant fan theories, being that Jon is part Targaryean, and therefore is perfectly suited to marry Dany when she comes into her throne on Westeros. Obviously, there are alot of assumptions there. First that the R+:L=J fan theory is correct, second that Dany eventually claims the Iron Throne, third that Jon is willing to forsake his vows (as they were made under the false pretense that he was a bastard), fourth that Dany will choose her (presumed) nephew over her other (again, presumed) nephew Aegon (4a that Aegon is actually Aegon and not, as I think, a Blackfyre pretender) and of course, fifth and finally, that Jon Snow is still alive.(And if he's not, I won't have to wait for GRRM to finish the books, because I'll be done reading them anyway). So, all that led to some creative work on the internet, specifically by buzzfeed, and well, this is the end result:

Just a little laugh for those who agree with my theories. Enjoy!
- The Penguin

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