22 April 2013

And now his watch has ended......

Welcome back all. We've reached Episode #4 of Season 3, and we near the halfway point. Should be all but done with the setup/establisment/etc by now, and into the non-stop action I predict (and hope) will dominate the rest of the season. Tonight, we say goodbye to one of my favorite minor characters from the books, a truly great man. But, as they say, And now his watch has ended.

Previously on Game of Thrones: 
Arya's in an interesting situation. Theon is in a world of pain. Littlefinger is creeping on Sansa. Littlefinger gets to marry crazy-Lysa. Jojen and Meera have found Brandon, too late. The Watch is back at Crasters. Totally not Ramsay Snow is nuts. Dany is going to pay for soldiers with Dragons, and the Kingslayer lost a hand. Just enough to flash memory us back into tonight's episode. I'm excited to see more of the Reeds. Bran's POV chapters became much more interesting after Jojen and Meera arrived in Winterfell. Also, it'll be good to see more of Jaime and Brienne, as the Kingslayer continues his slow-played Heel-face turn. I may not have commented on this previously, but apologies if I did. Its a very nice touch to show Winterfell still in the credits, and to make it a smoking ruin. 

And we're in, starting off with a hand hanging on a necklace. The Bolton's ribbing on the Lannister twincest. A nice touch. Ooooh, faceplant from the Kingslayer. But he only gets  7.3 from the Stark judge. They're trying hard to make these Bolton men more like the Bloody mummers, which begs the question of why not just use the Goat and his men themselves. Brienne trys to return the favor from last week, but to little effect. 

And now we've got Tyrion and Varys. We're contiuing the interplay between the eunuch and the dwarf that worked oh so well last season. Not sure what Varys is doing with that crate, but its awfully distratcting to the conversation. Ah, now we get to learn the story. The tv only viewers might now be able to start putting together some of the Blackfyre theories on Varys that book readers have had for some time. Nope, he doesn't want your junk for sex Varys. Just for magic power. See, if Varys was a Blackfyre, he potentially could have King's blood. Which as the man who cut him is a Red Priest, and their magic relies on King's blood. Wait...is he not going to refer to him as a Red Priest? Never mind then. Varys truly looks scared talking about this dream. Excellent acting. I'm not sure that the hating magic part is from the books. Oh, there he goes, back-handedly referencing that it was  R'hllor's priest whod id it. Tyrion quite impatient. Varys still doesnt have this frikkin crate open. Varys appears to be applying make up here. Not sure why. He makes an excellent point to Tyrion about revenge and patience..and WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! Why does he have a soceror in a box? 

And now we've got the Night's watch at Crasters. They're mucking stables for some reason....we're a little late in establishing the discontent with Mormont, but guess we've got to rush. Sam still playing the love-sick idiot with Gilly here. They better not make him break his vows early. And she refuses to name the child, but doesn't say why, which seems weird. The wildlings, for my tv only friends, believe its bad luck to name a child before their 3rd name day. Gilly setting the stage for her story arc here, I can buy that. 

And now we jump to Bran. He's running, so Green Dream. And there's the Raven. Jojen apparently  in the dreams with Bran now. Interesting way of developing this interaction. I do wish they'd make the Raven talk in the dreams. And now Catelyn's here...aaannddd she throws Bran off the tree. 

Varys and Ros discussing Pod's prowess here. This is going to be an unneccesary plot point that goes on too long isnt it. I do like the use of Ros here to show more of Vary's knowing everything. Its the first use for her I've liked in this show. Varys prodding into Sansa here, which is good. They're going to spoil the game here. 

Joffrey gets creepier every time we see him. Cersei gets a few minutes with Lady Olenna here. EXCELLENT LINE from Margaery there. Nice bit of foreshadow. The Queen Regent is no match for the Queen of Thorns. She takes her digs at Mace, and is trying to gauge how much Cerseii is responsible for Joff's madness it seems. Lady Olenna pushing a girl power agenda, and Cerseii is not picking it up. The sept is beautifully designed. "Sometmes severity is the price you pay for greatness." Excellent line. Margaery is triyng to push Joff into going outside, doing something good, or perhaps hoping he'll bite it in a riot. (I know I am). And the crowd goes wild!!!! For Margaery that is. Ought to sit well with Cerseii. Haha. I jest, of course. But seriously, the Purple Wedding cannot come soon enough. (Realistically, I'll have to wait till next season, probably episode 2, which GRRM is writing himself)

Now we've got Theon and this mysterious stranger. Really selling the story here. Maybe a bit too much. If this is actually Deepwood Motte, Theon should actually recognize it. He had to have visited at least once with Lord Eddard. They're doing all they can to sell Theon as a sympathetic character. I still hate him. He should NOT be admitting this to anyone, Ramsay especially. That's dangerous. Whoa. Theon refers to Ned as "his real father". Quite touching. And from sympathy back to pain. It's back to the rack with you Greyjoy. Excellent facial expressions from Ramsay there. Now we're getting somewhere. Side note, I know he's been through alot, but how the fuck did Theon not know that was the same castle. Seriously.

Meanwhile, back to the Boltons. Brienne looking worse for the wear, though, obviously not as bad as Jaime. Kingslayer's going on a hunger strike here. As he said earlier on "Give me a good clean death anyday over being a cripple." Great line when Jaime identifies himself as "being his sword hand." His turn is a phenomenal story line, and if he can't admit what he was first, he won't develop into what he can be. You mean Brienne's not worth her weight in thappireth? Cause thats ALOT of thappireth. 

Lord Tywin writing a letter. Could this be the famous letter that wins the war? Cerseii pushing her father to rescue Jaime, as if eh wasnt' already. That HAS to be the letter we all think it is. Now she's going to push her usefulness as an heir to the great legacy of House Lannister. Insulting the man as you make these points is probably not going to help you. Charles Dance is amazing here, once again. Verbally lays the smack down and dismsses Cerseii and Joffrey in two simple words. I will

Lady Olenna can not get enough screen time. I think she just did a Ned stark impression when she said "winter is coming". Lord Varys coming to speak with her now. This should be good. And it delivers already. This back and forth is wonderful. Its like verbal chess. Varys spills the beans on Littlefingers plans. The show accentuates the hatred/rivalry between Varys and Baelish more directly, and I like it. "One of the most dangerous men in Westeros." Quite true. Certainly the most ambitious. Well, if Robb would go ahead and write his will, then we could remove Sansa from the inheritance equation. "He would see this country burn to be King of the Ashes." Great line. We all know where this is going, right? 

Lady Margaery getting a bit of girl talk in with Sansa. Well written sequence. Nice to see Sansa smiling. She's had so few chances for that. As much as I hate the character, there is definitely sympathy. Margaery already planning to abuse her power. And, now we've gotten to the theory that fans have been proposing for so long about why Loras has yet to take the White Cloak. They're writing out Willas, and going to tease Sansa with the Knight of Flowers. Has anyone told him about this plan yet? More importantly, has anyone told Sansa he's gay yet? 

And next up we've got a fire. Red priests? Nope, the Watch burning one of their dead. Its good they've learned their lesson. So, why aren't they leaving Craster's yet? Its not that far to the wall. Waiting for those who are too injured to travel is a terrible plan. They're not getting better without help, and they're not getting help here. And the anger at Craster is justified, but I just don't feel they've justified the anger and dissent at Mormont. Not enough for what's to come at least. Things about to get interesting here. Tensions running high. Who breaks first? Craster? Random Night's Watch asshole? Whelp, that answers that question. And Mormont gets it in the back. The Old Bear fights back! Don't go down without a fight Jeor. Sam showing some balls finally. I do hope he's going to get Grenn and Edd first. But apparently not. 

And we're back to the Brotherhood Without Banners. Maybe we finally get to see Lord Berric. Although I'm not happy about the actor change. Much like the Mountain, its a bad visual difference. The old actor, who I realize was just a minor, minor, part, really looked the part. Berric is supposed to be strong and handsome. And, yes, he's been through hell, but he shouldn't have gotten fatter..... Oh. well. I wonder if we'll see the duel tonight? Great speech from Lord Berric there. Its amazing that no one here can think of a murder that the Hound committed. Arya comes through. Well, the little girl is definitely the bravest one there. 

Cut out, and we're in Astapor. That is one gigantic army there. Its amazing that of all these people there, none of them can see what's coming. Not even Jorah or Barristan. Dany is about to pull the biggest coup in Essos history. YES! Dany with the reveal! She's been aware what they're saying the whole time. Just playing along. I love Jorah's reaction face there. And here she goes, the most important valyrian word she knows.  OH man. Drogon's flame has increased in size. Attention world, the Targaryen's are back.  The Unsullied seem unsure how to react to this news. Can't really blame them. Dany's gone from zero to epic badass in about five minutes of screen time. Great ending. I love the musical cues here. I've liked Emilia Clarke since the beginning, but tonight, for me, she truly became Danerys Stormborn, blood of the Dragon.  

Overall, I quite enjoyed this episode. Next week, we get Berric's duel, The Kingslayer at Harrenhal, more of Tywin's planning, a big suprise for Tyrion and Sansa, more bitching from Arnolf Karstark, Tormund and Jon, looks like Davos in jail, and Jon and Ygritte in the cave!! I'm quite excited for that. Action abounds next week, and not just in the combat sense, if you know what I mean. Hopefully, all the summer children who've never read the books will learn next week just exactly what a Lord's Kiss is. 
Till next time, may you continue to say "Not today" to the god of death.
- The Penguin

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